Taking Over A Small Christian Bookstore? 4 Tips So You Can Be Successful

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Taking Over A Small Christian Bookstore? 4 Tips So You Can Be Successful

22 April 2016
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Opening a Christian bookstore takes a lot of hard work, especially with the amount of people using eBooks that are able to make quick purchases. It can be challenging if you are purchasing an already established bookstore if you want things run differently. Below are some tips you should consider to help you get started.

Write a Budget

To be successful, you need to sit down and write a store budget and stick to it throughout the year. Write a budget for each month of your monthly expenses. You should also write an inventory purchasing budget. Because you are purchasing a used bookstore, you should have previous year's data to help you when preparing your budget. If you are having problems, hire a financial advisor to get you started on the right foot. After that, you may be able to take over and do everything yourself.


Even if the bookstore already has established customers, you still need to advertise. Some of those customers may not come back once the bookstore takes on new ownership. Ask your church if you can hang an advertisement there. Make it plain and simple. People at church are not looking for something flashy with bright colors. A white background with white lettering is easy on the eyes. You could add one or two small graphics. You could also add your favorite Bible verse. Put your advertisement around town where you can.

Buy the Books and Merchandise

The books are the most important thing for your store. How many you need depends on how many books the store already has. You may want to replace run down looking books or add some new titles.

You can save money by purchasing books in bulk. You can find companies online that sell Christian books in this way. This is also better for the environment. This is because you are having your books shipped all at one time, which reduces the amount of gas emissions. You can save money by purchasing used Christian books.

Besides books, attract customers by offering other merchandise. You could sell t-shirts, keychains, music CD/DVDs, children's toys, and much more.

Make it Comfortable

Put a table with comfortable chairs in your bookstore as a place for people to sit and read. Have coffee, other drinks, and snacks available to purchase. Sit big pillows on the floor for the kids to sit on. People may spend more time in your store because of this, which means they may purchase more from you.

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