The Star And The Moon: Two Important Cards In The Major Arcana

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The Star And The Moon: Two Important Cards In The Major Arcana

22 June 2016
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If you are learning to interpret tarot cards, then you might be focused on learning about some of the more infamous cards (The Devil, The Hanged Man), but it is important that you study and learn how to interpret all 22 cards. When you are doing a tarot reading, you cannot simply gloss over one of the cards, you need to fully understand the symbolism and interpretation of all the cards. So, while these cards might not be as exciting as The Hermit or The Wheel Of Fortune, they are still vital for your ability as a tarot reader.

The Star

The Star tarot card depicts a naked woman who is kneeling besides a pool of water. There is a large star in the night sky that is surrounded by seven smaller stars in a circle. The woman has one foot in the pool of water and one foot on shore. She holds two jugs of water. She is pouring water out of both jugs. One jug is being poured into the pool of water and the other jug is being poured onto the meadow she is kneeling on. The act of pouring water symbolizes fertility and the cycle of renewal. It is important to note that the woman not only pours water onto the land, but she replenishes the pool of water by pouring water back into it. Also note that seven stars are symbolic of a heptagram, which has religious significance to both Christians and Pagans.

If The Star is dealt upwards, then it is a positive sign. It suggests that you are in a fruitful period of your life and are creating positive energy. The energy you have and the effort you put forward into the world is returned to you and renews your spiritual growth.

When The Star is dealt reversed, it suggests that your efforts toward spiritual healing and self-improvement are misdirected. Your energy is heading off in the wrong direction.You must change your course of action less you risk wasting your efforts.

The Moon

The Moon has a similar geography as The Star: a meadow, a pool of water, and the night sky. The figures are much different, though. Instead of a bright star encircled by seven smaller stars, there is a giant moon, and instead of a woman there is a wolf and a dog by the edge of the pool, and a crayfish crawling out of the water. The moon provides a dim light, unlike the sun or stars bright light. This dim light is not enough to see clearly, in the both literal and metaphorical sense. The pool is representative of ones subconscious mind. The wolf and dog are the conscious thought coming out of the pool of the subconscious, the wolf is untamed thought, while the dog is mankind's ability to "tame" or control the mind.

If The Moon is dealt upwards, it suggests that one is sill in a period of spiritual darkness and the path is not clear. The Moon is a card that can also impact the other cards in your reading. For instance, if the other cards dealt out have a mostly negative reading, then an upwards Moon would tell you that while things are bad, you are not seeing the situation clearly, and it is not as bad as you might think.

If The Moon is dealt in reverse, then it suggests that you have just left a situation of darkness and are moving towards self-discovery.

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