3 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Child's Public School Education

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3 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Child's Public School Education

11 September 2019
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Are you looking for ways to enhance the education that your child is getting at public school? Here are a few options that should be seriously considered:

Enroll in a Community Performing Arts Program

Enrolling your child in a community performing arts program will not only give them an opportunity to express their artistic side, but it will teach them important communication and listening skills that could be used to perform better in school.

If your child's school has a performance arts program, the community program they join will help them improve their acting and singing skills so they can land more parts in school plays and concerts. And if the school doesn't offer a performing arts class, your child won't have to do without because they'll have their community classes and performances to take part in.

Make Weekly Library Dates Together

Committing to a weekly library date with your child will encourage them to make studying for school a priority and help ensure that they have all of the tools they need to expand their knowledge in topics they are studying. At the library, your child can use any book in-house and access digital information on internal computers to study for a big test or learn more about a topic they're interested in but is not being talked about a lot in school.

You'll be there to provide your support and help your child locate materials they might need to study. And you can both make it a point to learn something new together that you can share with the family when you get home. Make your weekly library dates something for your child to look forward to by stopping for ice cream afterward.

Invest in Spiritual Literature Instruction

Public schools don't typically focus much on religion and spirituality, so it's a good idea to invest in some spiritual literature instruction and use it to create a weekend schooling program for your child to participate in. Whether it's for a few hours every Saturday evening or for an hour or two before church on Sunday, you can spend a little time throughout the week putting together a lesson plan to work through with your child over the weekend.

Look for spiritual literature instruction that comes with reading material for your child, teacher resource recommendations for you, and testing materials you can both use to make sure that you are effectively teaching and your child is effectively learning. Chances are that you'll learn something new each weekend too!

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